Our Instructors

Beth Pelosa

Zeus GarrachaBeth fondly remembers her Tae Kwon Do Masters teachings, and was influenced strongly by his philosophy that you are always learning, and the biggest gift you can give is to teach what you know, and the biggest reward is that your student will become more knowledgeable than you.

Beth will be the first to tell you she has always loved being a student. Her education includes an A.A.S. Degree in Architecture, 2nd Degree Black Belt in Tae Kwon Do. She is a Certified Large and Small Animal Acupressure and Massage Practitioner and Instructor. Beth is also an FRCC Certified Equine Management and Training Professional, and completed the WDDA Western Dressage Train the Trainer Program. Beth has also studied many alternative modalities including Animal Reiki, Essential Oils, Aromatherapy, Photonic Light Therapy, Traditional Chinese Medicine, Human Acupressure, homeopathies, essential oils, Bach Flowers, Yoga , QiGong, Chakra, and Meridian Balancing Therapy.

Throughout her career, Beth has been a teacher. Beth developed workplace safety programs and taught them in a corporate environment for 25 years. In her free time, Beth taught Tae Kwon Do for children and adults for over 15 years. After leaving the corporate world, Beth started her own business, Equine Energy Works, LLC. Her business includes instructing Animal Acupressure for practitioners for Rocky Mountain School of Animal Acupressure and Massage, and performing animal acupressure for dogs, cats, and horses for private clients. She lives at her horse boarding and training facility, and teaches Western Dressage riding. She also teaches many one and two day clinics for beginners, including Equine and Canine Massage and Acupressure, Chakra Balancing, Acupressure for Healing, and many other modalities.

Beth’s journey as a student and teacher, gave her the desire to create an institute for educating the body, mind, and spirit, Rocky Mountain Holistic Healing Arts Institute. Rocky Mountain Holistic Healing Arts Institute is now a reality, and we are offering you the opportunity to take an educational journey with our amazing practitioners.


William L. (Bill) Pelkey, Ph.D.

Captain and MeBill brings a large number of skills and abilities to RMHHAI. Bill is a Reiki Master, studying traditional Japanese Reiki with several different Masters. A lifetime of of study in the traditional martial arts, primarily Aikido gave him an intimate understanding of the many uses of energy for healing and other purposes. A lifelong dowser, learning at the age of 8, Bill has applied dowsing in all aspects of life from finding lost objects to evaluating energetic wellness of people, animals, and places.

Bill is a certified small and large animal acupressure practitioner, as well as certified as an equine soft tissue and myofascial release (massage) therapist. He has blended all of his knowledge and years of experience into a method of horse healing he calls “Equigetics” (Subtle Equine Energetics).

Bill is a graduate of Front Range Community College’s Equine Management and Training Program, a 2 1/2 year professional program of traditional horse training and husbandry.

Bill has experience as a law enforcement officer and has co-authored two law enforcement training books. He is a Master Teacher, having taught at community colleges and universities throughout the United States. He was honored at one institution, Eastern Kentucky University, to be a presenter at “The Last Lecture” Series, one of only 3 professors voted on by a student body of over 10,000 to do so.

Bill holds a Doctorate of Philosophy (Ph.D.) in Applied Statistics and Research Methodology from the University of Northern Colorado. He has worked as a statistician and consulting statistician in the biotechnology industry for 18 years.

A life-long animal lover, Bill is owned by an Australian Shepherd, Ginger, Foundation Quarter Horse Mare, Lena, “Morstang”, Captain (seen pictured with Bill), and Major, a feedlot foal rescue.

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