Equine Acupressure Chart (8.5″ X 11″)


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We’ve all been there, flipping pages from multiple charts, just trying to find a single point to tonify or sedate on a horse.RMHHAI teamed together renowned Colorado artist Tara Seren and a certified professional large and small acupressure therapist and teacher to design THE CHART to carry along on your farm and ranch appointments. Leave the pages and books in your vehicle and take along this handy, durable acupressure chart on your next appointment.

This 8.5″ X 11″ chart is printed in beautiful color, laminated with a tough, 10 mil laminate. This chart will stand up to the rigors of the barn, pasture, or field. Clip it on your clipboard, along with your treatment form(s) for easy reference.

On the front of the chart, you’ll find all the major merdians, along with the following point classifications:

  • Association Points
  • Influential Points
  • Source Points
  • Alarm Points
  • Connecting Points
  • Master Points
  • Ting Points

Please note on this chart we have removed the points. On the chart you’ll receive when you order, all points will be clearly marked, labeled, and color-coded.

On the back, you’ll find everything you need to provide a 5-Element solution to the horse you’re working on.

The chart is also available in 11″ X 17″ size, as well as a large 2.5′ X 4′ grommeted vinyl (2 sheets).

Order yours today and stop flipping pages!


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